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On Firecrackers

As my brother and I accompanied my aunt’s largest dog on his nightly jaunt through the park, unseen firecrackers went off in the distance, as they have been for the last two weeks as we approach the new year. Although the firecrackers were almost definitely set by children, their explosions resounded quite loudly and car alarms would be set off in denser parts of the city. Not in this gated community though, with lots of cute little two story houses with fences and dogs; the firecrackers and us were otherwise alone in the still night.

“It’s all very World War II,” I said, thinking of all those tired movies about London during the war.

“…it is, isn’t it?”

The scene was all the more chouetty because we still had our long coats and scarves on, and he even wore his leather dress shoes. Neither of us, unfortunately had hats and I lacked a beau overseas in uniform. Perfection is so often unattainable.