MDBG is such an unexpected source of amusement

the construction of slang itself is such a joy. (MDBG is an online Chinese dictionary)

灵光 líng guāng divine light (around the Buddha) / a halo / a miraculous column of light / (slang) jolly good!
断背 duàn bèi homosexual; fag (slang, referring to Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain”)
打炮 pào to open fire with artillery / to make one’s stage debut / (slang) to ejaculate
电灯泡 diàn dēng pào light bulb / (slang) unwanted third guest
怪叔叔 guài shū shu queer uncle, referring to a young to middleaged male pedophile (Internet slang)
维他命B wéi mìng B Vitamin B / boyfriend (slang)
神女 shén goddess / 1934 silent film about the life of a Shanghai prostitute (directed by Wu Yonggang 吴永刚) / prostitute (slang)
打飞机 fēi to masturbate (slang)




o H-mart


while waiting for the bathroom in the COOP, Hahvahd

ahhhhhhhhhhh Red Velvet Cupcake

Cupcake from SWEET, working in Tealuxe in Hahvahd

HONK festival in Davis Sq

or, one of the guys just waiting forever to use the bathroom, anyhow

being judged by an artsy Mongolian face

Study HARDER child!