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Toast and his little friend


Night Before the Exam

I was initially thrilled by the studiousness of my small, and apparently myopic, friend, only to realize that my plan of outsourcing my work may not be quite so successful this time. It would be rather difficult to smuggle him into the testing room, never mind waiting for his ridiculously slow (and minuscule) handwriting.


How My Papers are Written

For you see, it’s not I, sir, that write convoluted and confusing arguments (if there are indeed arguments in these papers), but these two (gay?) imps that churn out my papers in the early morn’ (meaning noon). I should like to make them clothes one day to thank them for their efforts, but perhaps…after graduation.

You have to wonder how exactly Toast is typing there…

(alright, back to bed before class!)

Hey Humans

It’s like high school all over again; can’t concentrate until midnight. But at least I get those three good hours of productivity. Maybe grad school isn’t right for me.