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Washingtonology*: slash-seekers?

So after Republican Charles Crist of Florida hugged Obama last year and his Republican opponents for the senate seat used footage of him to attack his Con[servative] cred and so The Caucus, NYT’s blog on beltway politics, wrote an entry on this apparent signal of Crist’s attempt to back away from another disaster.

Perhaps this all just seems so insignificant because I lack the attention span to follow the minutiae of politics closely, and I acknowledge that like 13-member Korean boy bands, this can be a way to branch out and reach more specific audiences. My issue here lies with the writing: (emphasis is all mine)

“MacDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – This time, a handshake replaced the hug.

When President Obama walked down the steps of Air Force One here today, Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida was waiting on the tarmac to greet him. But on this visit, Mr. Crist did not embrace the president, perhaps in the hopes of avoiding a scene like the one that has haunted him for months in his bid to win the Republican Senate primary.

But is a long, lingering handshake any different than a hug?

For about 27 seconds, the president tightly gripped the governor’s hand and clutched his arm. They exchanged pleasantries and a bit of conversation. Then, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. gathered close for a tight photo of the three.”

Making water from a stone, eh? Kind of reminds you of those “inappropriate handshakes” between Kerry and Edwards. Or maybe that was just internet fangirls. I suppose they write for the NYT now.

*I realize Washingtonology might not be an extremely precise term but you get the gist


he’s so adorable! Obama at his first HW correspondents dinner

I like this mixture of cocky awkwardness

a transcript of selected jokes:

Don’t be a Dick

Message that I didn’t end up sending from MIT’s student center during the week previous

A sign of the times

Someone put this on Community and I couldn’t help myself

Community always has the best pictures

A very good photoshop (I hope it’s a photoshop, anyway…it’s hard to say with these sorts of things and the Gov)


O the dangers of living next to the campus center.
From left to right: chocolate chip brownie, blondie with nut, banana nut bread, and ugly brownie I accidentally touched and subsequently had to take.

If bored, it’s worth checking out all those Colbert contests on manipulating McCain’s greenscreen image. This is one of my favorites:

The best part of the VP debate

As an aside, maybe certain parts of the country just pronounce nuclear that way.

P.S. This is sort of fun: Make sure to note the little seesaw characters on the right. I love biased media, and that’s not sarcasm 🙂