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In the News 02/17

Check out this frontpage headline:

“Plenty of Spilled Milk to Cry Over for Dairymen Lured to U.S.: Dutch Farmers Vent Udder Frustration With Mr. van Bakel as Plan Curdles”

I obviously need to steal the WSJ more often.


MDBG is such an unexpected source of amusement

the construction of slang itself is such a joy. (MDBG is an online Chinese dictionary)

灵光 líng guāng divine light (around the Buddha) / a halo / a miraculous column of light / (slang) jolly good!
断背 duàn bèi homosexual; fag (slang, referring to Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain”)
打炮 pào to open fire with artillery / to make one’s stage debut / (slang) to ejaculate
电灯泡 diàn dēng pào light bulb / (slang) unwanted third guest
怪叔叔 guài shū shu queer uncle, referring to a young to middleaged male pedophile (Internet slang)
维他命B wéi mìng B Vitamin B / boyfriend (slang)
神女 shén goddess / 1934 silent film about the life of a Shanghai prostitute (directed by Wu Yonggang 吴永刚) / prostitute (slang)
打飞机 fēi to masturbate (slang)