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The first in a series on couples

Barrels spending their afternoon overlooking Lake Waban


Youtube Symphony Orchestra (YTSO)

Act 1

Wicked cool concept, and check out the attractive halvie cellist (first stand) 😀 There’s a profile of him about 20 minutes in and while he may not be a productive member of society, well, many attractive people just aren’t.
Both Acts have little bits of introduction by this guy who resembles the villain from the James Bond Move “Tomorrow Never Dies” (or something like that).

Act 2

*please* watch the first couple minutes. Very cute teamwork piano-playing by kids.
If you watch on, you can see Tan Dun going crazy insane. There’s also Yuja Wang, a pianist whose talents are wasted not playing the Super Mario Bros. theme

Towards the middle and end of Act II things get experimental but with really ehhh results, but maybe if more of these YTSO concerts are done, maybe it’ll get pretty cool…(optimism, ja?)

o rt@o

Ran: i want to see you with a nice boy
me: ?
Ran: one that makes you happy
me: et toi aussi
Ran: yes
i also hope to find a boy that makes you happy
me: hehe

Love in this Club

(the “art” tag might be generous, but I find it amusing)

If you didn’t understand the lyrics, it would sound quite romantic…

Of course, they also left out the “have you ever made love/ to a thug/with his slights on/(something) 17s and a fresh pair of nikes on/on the bar/on the couch/on the (etc)” part, which would’ve been really difficult to work in, but would easily yield to Seussian treatment. If any illustrator is interested, it’d be a fun project 🙂

Apparently they also publish "Nylon Men"

If the name weren’t a give-away, the fact that I made this spotting at Trident should give you an idea of the magazine’s intended readership.* Had I more hipster or funk within me I’d probably subscribe to Nylon. Had I a perverse desire to reproduce with precocious skinny boys who majored in the humanities or a softer social science, I would subscribe to Nylon Men. Hélas.

*The fact that *I* was at Trident though, I realize is suspicious. Perhaps I am just a self-loathing hipster, moleskines et al. Not having those androgynous legs has saved us all from my wearing skinny jeans though.

Chinese girls are raised fierce

And, incidentally, with bear ears.

Red Cliff (a post where I go crazy)

Watched Red Cliff (xia) today in theatres (which’re surprisingly expensive) and omg Takeshi Kaneshiro in period dress. (And they even dubbed over his voice so he also sounded hot as hell!) Did you know that Takeshi Kaneshiro had yet to have his own tag? Hélas but it was only temporary. You know, he even has his own folder on my HD.

Regardless, he and this Chen Chang fellow were very appealing as you see in the trailer. Chen Chang, however, was not dubbed over, unlike his other Taiwanese copatriots. Well, whatevs. He was still omg. And I am still a teenage girl in all but truth.
(Chen Chang shown below, though he looks better in his period armor. I think I just have some sort of weird retrofetish. You know, Orlando bloom only looks good as Legolas.)