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Redbones lunch combo! (plus lemonade in mason jars)

Sounded much better on the menu than in actuality, unfortunately, but still gud!


I’ve sort of dreamt of this day

So, incredibly shitty day aside (the sum of which would make a “great” indie film), it ended with me going to the foreigner’s grocery (the really only redeeming part of being out in the burbs with the foreigners is overpriced access to everlasting Gobstoppers, Milk Duds and Duncan Hines yellow cake mix, stuff sometimes not even liked at home) and buying squeezed, not-from-concentrate, unsweetened orange juice for 50RMB (around $8 for the rate at which we exchanged USD). 10 hours of fuckery turns to nothing with a little excess of vitamin C.

I know this might not seem significant, but I’ve been pretty sick for the last few days, and the one little Chinese grocery I went to was selling some Minutemaid orange juice, but as I recall, that’s from concentrate. Anyhow, my snooty-ness was misguided and I had an entire dream about seeking out Lemonade and orange juice for my woes (and nasal drips).

Now I’m going so undilutedly crazy with the stuff you’d think I was aborting a faetus.

(on an aside, Australian orange juice does taste a bit different, as you’d expect, and next time I’ll probably seek out that Florida stuff)

hee hee hee
The picture should actually be flipped counter-clockwise 90 degrees, but, hee. Shrimp escape to the crab side (left) of the tank

No Sticky Buns for You!

A bit of a line at the bakery. 20 minutes later got no further and gave up. We try again tomorrow

Coconut cupcake at Petsi’s, off Harvard. A bit hard.

I always love the ‘stache on this guy

(next to Xinh Xinh, Chinatown)