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from the WSJ no one ever picks up

“…The resulting selloff took the Dow below the psychologically important 10000 level in the final moments of trading…” – WSJ

It’s true, but I love the slightly condescending tone.

Also in today’s WSJ, an article on student “rent-a-crowds” to create artificial buzz. Not a bad strategy for developing that initial momentum, though definitely shady as hell.


Also in the news

“The second Georgia case, Wellons v. Hall, No. 09-5731, ordered the federal appeals court in Atlanta to reconsider its decision that there was nothing legally amiss in two edible gifts the jurors in a capital trial gave to court personnel — a chocolate penis for the trial judge and chocolate breasts for the bailiff.” – NYT

MDBG is such an unexpected source of amusement

the construction of slang itself is such a joy. (MDBG is an online Chinese dictionary)

灵光 líng guāng divine light (around the Buddha) / a halo / a miraculous column of light / (slang) jolly good!
断背 duàn bèi homosexual; fag (slang, referring to Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain”)
打炮 pào to open fire with artillery / to make one’s stage debut / (slang) to ejaculate
电灯泡 diàn dēng pào light bulb / (slang) unwanted third guest
怪叔叔 guài shū shu queer uncle, referring to a young to middleaged male pedophile (Internet slang)
维他命B wéi mìng B Vitamin B / boyfriend (slang)
神女 shén goddess / 1934 silent film about the life of a Shanghai prostitute (directed by Wu Yonggang 吴永刚) / prostitute (slang)
打飞机 fēi to masturbate (slang)

Mona Lisa Reproduce!

An academic paper from the 1930s on the even then low birthrate among Wellesley students.

Swine Flu Shun!

“The ill student should be wearing a mask when she opens the door. Tell her you will leave the food on a table or other surface near her door, keeping a “social distance” of approximately six feet. Do not hand the box directly to the student.”

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I hope it’ll be better than the original

A sign of the times

Someone put this on Community and I couldn’t help myself