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Hey There

Let’s go back to the somewhat personal but not too personal route! (And maybe pictures of food, but not self-made, that’s just unattractive.) The result is being entirely too cryptic for most people’s interest or understanding. I regret that my future biographer will have some issues working out exactly what was going on, but I guess people can come to interpret this like literature, baaad literature. Perhaps I’m just saving all the juicy stuff for a tell-all confessional à la Augustine–or even better, à la James Frey.

So we’re about three weeks post-graduation and I’m doing some part time work and some reading. I have one plan–the official plan–but hoping to usurp that with a dramatically better plan. Both should be fun, although one will certainly be less fraught with uncertainty! We’ll know about how possible the execution for this second plan will be by Friday. I will let you know. Otherwise, I shall quietly delete this and we will never, ever mention this again.