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In the News 02/17

Check out this frontpage headline:

“Plenty of Spilled Milk to Cry Over for Dairymen Lured to U.S.: Dutch Farmers Vent Udder Frustration With Mr. van Bakel as Plan Curdles”

I obviously need to steal the WSJ more often.


Happy Year of the Tiger! (and Lent)

This comes a few days late and I’ve got some food pictures to post from the New Year.

So Lent starts today, and though I am not Catholic, there’s a certain masturbatory quality to self-improvement. I’ve decided to give up meat (am being ambiguous about seafood, but let’s say it’s not included). Unfortunately, restaurant week, spring break and people’s significant others visiting also coincides with the second half of Lent. For that half, I’m going to like, trade permission to eat duck (and in certain instances, duck and lamb) for giving up chocolate.

We’ll see how this all goes. Day 1!

from the WSJ no one ever picks up

“…The resulting selloff took the Dow below the psychologically important 10000 level in the final moments of trading…” – WSJ

It’s true, but I love the slightly condescending tone.

Also in today’s WSJ, an article on student “rent-a-crowds” to create artificial buzz. Not a bad strategy for developing that initial momentum, though definitely shady as hell.