Youtube Symphony Orchestra (YTSO)

Act 1

Wicked cool concept, and check out the attractive halvie cellist (first stand) 😀 There’s a profile of him about 20 minutes in and while he may not be a productive member of society, well, many attractive people just aren’t.
Both Acts have little bits of introduction by this guy who resembles the villain from the James Bond Move “Tomorrow Never Dies” (or something like that).

Act 2

*please* watch the first couple minutes. Very cute teamwork piano-playing by kids.
If you watch on, you can see Tan Dun going crazy insane. There’s also Yuja Wang, a pianist whose talents are wasted not playing the Super Mario Bros. theme

Towards the middle and end of Act II things get experimental but with really ehhh results, but maybe if more of these YTSO concerts are done, maybe it’ll get pretty cool…(optimism, ja?)

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