the "New China Pearl" over in Woburn (1)

This place was my first regular exposure to Dim Sum, back when it was still Wei Lu’s (“we lose”), but then it began regularly changing ownership and the food got crappy. this is another reincarnation, but claims to have been here for like, ever, so I wonder if it’s the Wei Lu’s people under a new name.

Anyhow, one of the key memories from Wei Lu’s was the woman who pushed around the “ha gao, siu mai” cart, and who had the really loud and distinctive voice that we would always look for. I’m not sure if this is her, but she’s an acceptable replacement. Could be louder.

One of the other ladies kept responding to my mother in Cantonese, when she obviously understood my mom’s Mandarin and assumed my mom also understood her. We sort of got nowhere with her. heh heh heh…

Food isn’t really distinctive and you should probably come later than we did, maybe closer to noon when the line begins to form and the food on the carts is fresher and warmer.

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