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Wrapped Milk Chocolate Assortment!

eeeeee! 😀


See’s Peanut Brittle!

If yzhou were a man, I would so marry her (…him?)

"Et Tu" Caesar Salad kit

I couldn’t help but titter like a schoolgirl

Admittedly, this is probably a really good idea and probably yummy

but still. Why doesn’t it need to be refrigerated or frozen? aghh, the preservatives taste~

Buttery-flavored maple-flavored syrup


There’s just something about Cheesecake-flavored things that disturbs me

Something really upsets me about this concept and its proximity to the ready-to-eat cheesecake filling

the "New China Pearl," Woburn (5)

Yeah, you really can’t have anything but a Chinese restaurant in here. Maybe I’ll take a picture of the outside next time (although the bar + karaoke lounge is Japanese themed)