Red Cliff (a post where I go crazy)

Watched Red Cliff (xia) today in theatres (which’re surprisingly expensive) and omg Takeshi Kaneshiro in period dress. (And they even dubbed over his voice so he also sounded hot as hell!) Did you know that Takeshi Kaneshiro had yet to have his own tag? Hélas but it was only temporary. You know, he even has his own folder on my HD.

Regardless, he and this Chen Chang fellow were very appealing as you see in the trailer. Chen Chang, however, was not dubbed over, unlike his other Taiwanese copatriots. Well, whatevs. He was still omg. And I am still a teenage girl in all but truth.
(Chen Chang shown below, though he looks better in his period armor. I think I just have some sort of weird retrofetish. You know, Orlando bloom only looks good as Legolas.)


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