On traveling

The above isn’t horribly representative of either the “vehicular” distribution or the congestion of city streets, but I had really wanted to get a decent shot of one of those bicycles-cum-trucks. Isn’t it horrible how that last phrase sounds both nasty and painfully unnatural given the current state of the English language? Anyhow…

My father is an aggressive (and law-breaking) driver, but I’ve never appreciated how crazy roads could be until I got here. The roads here are how one would imagine traffic in the Wild West, only clogged full of Toyotas, Hyundais, VW Santanas, Peugeots (seriously), Audis and unidentifiable-branded cars with tinted windows. Instead of lights and traffic rules, it’s a matter of will and force. Blinker use is an odd ritual practiced by new drivers and soon shed. Drivers honk during red lights. Cabs and level 80 drivers use oncoming traffic lanes to pass. Walk and Stop lights are ornamental and crossing roads (mostly of six or eight lanes) is the most dangerous game of Frogger I’ve ever seen.

Learning to drive in the U.S. seems much less daunting.

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