On the finer things in Life

Things we should all come to appreciate:
– Sleeping in beds (or at least horizontally. Essentially, not in planes without those cool horizontal seats in first class, or Singapore Air’s little cabins)
– Toilet paper in bathrooms

The latter would probably seem somewhat trivial, the real luxury instead being seated toilets (as opposed to squat toilets), and while I sort of agree, I think the worst thing ever is to have relieved yourself one way or another and find thyself without tissue. Luckily, those familiar with my person know that I often carry tissue, and everyone here sells lovely little convenient packages of tissue for like half the price of CVS’ little packets. I am considering dumping many of the gifts I got and instead filling my suitcase with bulk packages of the stuff.

Anyhow, a little prose for thee (previously posted on someone’s fbook wall. She, obviously, could not find a proper way to respond.)
I have encountered squat toilets in the most unlikely of places
Have so far been successful.
Each new instance threatens tragedy though…
O the law of large numbers!

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to only have to deal with solid(er) waste in the mornings or evenings, where I am accommodated with lovely seated toilets, but you never know. In any event, it’s gotten to the point where I just expect the public toilets to be squat ones. Though, when I was at the Xi’an Hyatt (did you know it’s a 5 star hotel here? Is it at home?), I was sort of amused to find a seated toilet, but no toilet paper. HA. It turned out, though, that that particular stall had just run out. Still.

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