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I hadn’t realised.

Notice: What Girls Want: Vampires


A poster on “good habits” on a professor’s door

hee hee hee
The picture should actually be flipped counter-clockwise 90 degrees, but, hee. Shrimp escape to the crab side (left) of the tank

hee hee hee. My room smells like shin ramen

(and miss twang, you’ll enjoy bb: the nearly-boiling hot water faucet makes bowl noodle so much easier to do)

(and btw: first legit college all-nighter! woooo! Neither done nor tired, so I should be able to finish editing this paper in stride 😀 )

Where the Canada Geese live at Night

Since my post-Thanksgiving year has so far mostly been somewhat-studious late-nights, I’ve been running into flocks of Canada Geese around our grounds at night and avoiding their fecal matter. I’ve seen them on Sev green and, as shown, next to Paramecium Pond.

F U!

A baby lewd tree giving many fingers to the world.