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Hello Thar

I was steamed, then passed quickly through oil and finally served with this awesome spicy sauce.

To my left, fillets of my brother sat with a delightful medley of vegetables and other sea creatures in a sauce atop some guo ba.

To my right there was some punk-ass gong-bao chicken-ding. Yes, I love the hyphens.

I have no regrets, except that I never said goodbye to her (and perhaps that I was not served as shui zhu yu).

Lao Sichuan, Billerica (much better than the Framingham location)


Adorable Ornaments

Nutcracker ornaments. Pottery Barn Kids is the awesomest place ever

Wookie Cookies!

Duck eggs

Dinner was all-duck: peking duck, congee with preserved duck eggs and some salad. The latter was neglected. The duck eggs made anything that came after it taste funky, but the cucumbers were also not as fresh as I’d like.

One of the mainland Chinese channels was showing this crazy movie about Falun Dafa: the heroine was this doctor standing by in horror while the townspeople refused to treat their children with Western medicine and instead were doing these meditative things while their children died of untreated fever. It was pretty melodramatic; I think the heroine ends up nearly killed by her Falun Gong-practicing father who instead kills himself. In any event, it just seemed decently ironic that a PRC movie should propagandize against charismatic and deluded megalomaniac cult leaders. (Was that too many descriptors? Probably.)

I was intrigued but decided against it

for Twang

I usually don’t like modern art, but I couldn’t help staring at this one until I realized what it was about it; this is like, metaphase or something…

Night Before the Exam

I was initially thrilled by the studiousness of my small, and apparently myopic, friend, only to realize that my plan of outsourcing my work may not be quite so successful this time. It would be rather difficult to smuggle him into the testing room, never mind waiting for his ridiculously slow (and minuscule) handwriting.