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Coconut cupcake at Petsi’s, off Harvard. A bit hard.


How My Papers are Written

For you see, it’s not I, sir, that write convoluted and confusing arguments (if there are indeed arguments in these papers), but these two (gay?) imps that churn out my papers in the early morn’ (meaning noon). I should like to make them clothes one day to thank them for their efforts, but perhaps…after graduation.

You have to wonder how exactly Toast is typing there…

(alright, back to bed before class!)

you should have seen how madly the little guy was chewing that apple core


the door of Jewish studies… I’d never much associated kittens with god’s chosen people, but hey

I always love the ‘stache on this guy

(next to Xinh Xinh, Chinatown)

The result of 24 hours of panic. This photo doesn’t capture the full extent of the mess, but its composition was a bit better than the more representative ones. Heh.

I’m honestly a bit disappointed you can’t be a fan of Tom Brokaw on facebook. I can’t imagine how many members of the media have chided Obama and McCain to their faces